Thursday, October 23, 2014

How far does your #foamroam ?


How far does your Foam roam? We know everyone loves our takeaway cups – now is the time to show your creativity and you could win free coffee for a year! Show us your innovative pic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tag Foam Coffee Bar and include #FoamRoam. Competition ends 31 December. See in store for T&C.

Foam Coffee Bar is the new kid on Oxford Street in Leederville Western Australia; Five Senses Coffee, delicious seasonal food, home baked treats and free WiFi, all served within a contemporary cafe experience.

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Body painted women 'athletes' promote female sport

In another celebrated case of 'what were they thinking', Women's Health magazine held a much welcomed 'I Support Women in Sport' function at The Establishment on October 13, 2014 in Sydney.

Critics were quick to point out the confusion between the sensationalist tactics of employing body-painted glamour models and recognising the achievements of Australia's elite female athletes.

They posed as a swimmer, netballer and gymnast, while a fourth wore a design resembling Cathy Freeman's running suit from the Sydney Olympics 400m final.

Danielle Warby, a board director of the Australian Womensport and Recreation Association, called the models' inclusion "bizarre" in a report in Fairfax's The Daily Life.

"The sexualisation of women in sport is a massive issue," Ms Warby said.

"These women are not athletes, they are naked and I don't know why they are there."

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What if we performed animal tests on humans?

Animal tests performed on humans
In a dramatic demonstration of the cruelty humans inflict on animals in cosmetic testing, performance artist Jacqueline Traide, willingly submitted herself to a battery of painful experiments.

All of this was done in full public view in a shop window in Lush cosmetic store’s branch in Regent Street, London.

While Jacqueline's discomfort was temporary, it was genuine. She, however was free to go home afterward. The animals' fate is not so pleasant.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Australians in Vietnam: Hell, they're shooting at me!

Source: Everybody's Magazine 14 Sept. 1966

Tales of the fighting first

An Australian soldier relives his baptism of war in the jungles of Vietnam in this, the first of a series of portraits of Australian fighting men.

By Sgt. Rusty Smith as told to Tom King

BELOW us was the enemy. From the belly of the American helicopter the Vietnam jungle melted together in a vast green mat broken only by a web of rivers.

Off to either side of our helicopter other whirly birds hovered in formation like a great swarm of dragon flies. Somewhere beneath us the VC watched and waited.

Everybody's Magazine - Australian pop culture

Who remembers the salacious ACP magazine "Everybody's"?

Published out of the venerable Park Street address from 1961-68, it featured lurid stories with sexual overtones and followed the antics of pop idols and celebrities like its competitors Pix, People and Australasian Post.

It occasionally dealt with harder issues like the Vietnam War and film censorship.

Some of the bylines include: Maggie Makeig, Jon Collins, Bob Staines, Camilla Beach (London),  Alan Hunter (Hollywood), Bill Wilson (New York), Lee Patterson, Jim Fagan, Jim Oram, Tom King, Margaret Greenberg ans 'sports authority' Ray Mitchell.

Photographers were Lee Pearce, Neville Waller and Barry Cullen.

We found this fabulous 1966 issue in a jumble sale and just wanted to share some of the items with you.


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