Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's not everyday you read about two savvy mothers from Wollongong launching a ground breaking product aimed at the sensuality and well being of women, but then you probably haven't met Kristine Morgan and Lisa Hughes.

These two friends were enjoying a morning run along their local beach in Wollongong when they started talking about women and their conversation turned to vibrators (as friends' conversations sometimes do). 'Do you think any of the vibrators out there are actually designed by women?' Kris asked. 'Seriously, why can't we buy a vibrator that looks great and better still, feels great!'

The friends laughed. Kris had a point.  'We're women. We love beautiful things', added Lisa. 'So what's with all the tacky imagery and packaging?  Why can't normal women, walk into a normal shop and buy a vibrator like it's a totally normal thing to do?' By the time they had finished their run, the girls were sweaty, buzzing with excitement and eager to get some answers. And so their research began.

'We really wanted to understand what other women thought of this whole market,' explains Lisa. 'And who better to understand what women really want, than women who really want it?'

After talking to 'real' women everywhere – mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and girlfriends – Kris and Lisa's company, Love Being Woman was born.

'The brand is really about inspiring and empowering women from all walks of life,' says Lisa. 'We live by the philosophy that 'when you feel good about yourself, you can give the best of yourself to others'.

After holding a series of intimate and fun focus groups Kris and Lisa  knew they were onto something special. They had spoken to hundreds of women who wanted an intimate massager that was enjoyable to use and that they weren't embarrassed to buy. They wanted something that suited their lives, their style, their needs. An intimate massager that was discreet, high quality,feminine, accessible and best of all worked!

From that moment on the girls spent every waking minute (when they weren't being wives and mothers) finding out everything they could about vibrators. They even had their husbands on alert for any information that would help them with their mission.

After months laughing and looking, designing and experimenting, their work finally paid off and THE BE BE  was born, Be beautiful, Be you! 'This is all about making women feel confident in and out of the bedroom,' explains Lisa. 'This is not just about launching a new vibrator. It's about saying it's great for women to explore their sensuality. This is about their health and wellbeing and giving them the right to be in charge.'

'We developed THE BE BE  so women can feel empowered, not embarrassed,' states Kris.

 'THE BE BE  is about feeling sexy, not sex obsessed.

"Happy not inhibited, Frisky not frustrated."

THE BE BE is the first product from Love Being Woman and has been designed to embody the Love Being Woman philosophy. Kristine and Lisa live by the philosophy

'When you feel great about yourself, you give the best of yourself to others'.

They hope you'll discover this philosophy too.

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