Thursday, June 16, 2011


Due to the positive response from the locals and the growing number of bands and musicians …

Oscar Letelier and Sugar Lounge introduce the new live music project called "Live at the Jam".A weekly live music event held in the"The Club" downstairs in Sugar Lounge, showcasing live music, quality sound and cocktail bar each Friday night from 9:00 till midnight.

Music promoter Oscar Letelier started the "The Bucket Room" concept a year ago in the same venue. "A structured platform for musicians of all genres, where they can present their work and projects in an intimate and interactive experience for the audience, giving punters the opportunity to donate via "The Bucket" in response of each act" 

Now with the forum already installed and the big demand on live acts around Manly, Live at the Jam includes a bigger band space with great exposure at one of Manly's finest beach clubs.

The objective is provide an excellent opportunity to open an intimate space to over hundreds of Sydney local bands and already established artists to deliver their work and receive feedback from the audience. A place where music lovers can relate and feel part of a unique platform in live music experience in Manly.

This forum enables bands to see the impact their performance has on an audience and a great way to promote themselves in an immediate and definable way giving an interaction with music lovers, mixed with surprise appearances, prizes and no entry fee.

With a big venue, music audience and a good idea, the project is a tool for every band to try. But not only that. It's a movement of growing music and amazing talent…

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