Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pajama Jeans launch in Australia!

Pajama Jeans launch in Australia

They look like denim but feel like pajamas!

Global Shop Direct has just launched Pajama Jeans, the comfort of pajamas and style of jeans, in Australia after taking the US by storm where millions of pairs have sold.

Pajama Jeans are the newest craze in fashion for women, and only after just a few weeks of being on the market in Australia, the demand is soaring with thousands of pairs being sold across the country.

The secret behind Pajama Jeans is the latest innovation in fabric technology, DormiSoft™ denim, a blend of cotton and spandex which moves and stretches with you, allowing the hot new fashion sensation to fit any figure perfectly. Plus, your skin will love the DorimiSoft lining, which feels as soft as a baby's blanket and as comfortable as your favourite pajamas.

With its mock fly, front and back contrast pocket stitching, brass rivets, smooth butt-lifting design, and pant legs which flare to a boot cut, the Pajama Jeans look like designer denim jeans.

Global Shop Direct Product Director, Greg Thomas said: "With Pajama Jeans you can do things you've never been able to do before in your jeans, and they have certainly removed the hassle of trying to struggle to fit into ordinary jeans that are uncomfortable and leave marks on your skin.

"Pajama Jeans are so lightweight and comfortable, you can even wear them while exercising, sleeping or traveling," Thomas said.

The unique fabric resists wrinkling which Thomas says, allows them to be perfect for any occasion and outfit – great with sandals or sneakers, or you can roll them up to a cute cuff.

"Pajama Jeans are a 'must-have' in any woman's wardrobe, particularly busy mums on the go, as they can lounge around in them all day, but always be ready for that quick dash to the shops," said Thomas.

Best of all, Pajama Jeans are available in sizes for virtually every figure, from petite to plus size.

For more information or to place an order visit: www.globalshopdirect.com.au.

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