Saturday, January 28, 2012

Magic Ultrasonic Cleaner - Perfect for April Fools Day

In the tradition of the wooden iPad, check out this hilarious Ultrasonic Cleaners Sonic Cordless Jewelry Ring Watch Cleaner

Saw one of these advertised on an online buying site and thought I would give it a go to clean some old watches etc

Delivery arrived promptly and well packaged.

Popped in an old coin to try it out and it buzzed away reassuringly for .. 5 mins .. 15 mins .. but nothing. So I opened it up.

Inside was a little DC electric motor and a counterweight.

That's right, not a single transistor or anything vaguely electronic. It's a joke, right?

Well interestingly, I did manage to get a refund (okay, a store credit) from the site and I wrote a product review which, unsurprisingly, they never published.

What is a little disturbing is that they know the product is a total rip-off yet still continue to sell it four months after I returned the item.

Check it out. Here's the link:

More hilarious fake products:
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