Thursday, October 18, 2012

Save Our Marine Life

Save Our Marine Life - The Big Blue Army
Photo: Ron and Valerie Taylor

It's images like this that remind me just how amazing Australia's marine life really is. (Imagine being there for this photo – what a moment!)

Introduce sweeping trawler nets or even an oil rig, and suddenly things look very, very different.

But we have a new opportunity to protect some of the most pristine marine places along our continent's southern coastline forever. And we need your help before the deadline expires in 4 days.

The South Australian Government is offering to protect the very best, the most spectacular marine icons along their State's vast coastline. These places are South Australia's marine equivalent of Kakadu, Kings Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef or the Blue Mountains. They are also havens for the world's most endangered sea lion, leafy sea dragons, giant cuttlefish and southern right whales.

With less than 1% of South Australia's marine waters protected, and new threats such as faster, larger fishing charter vessels targeting pristine areas previously beyond reach, the opportunity can't come fast enough.

Please make these new marine sanctuaries a reality while we can. Help protect these pristine and spectacular ocean environments by 'clicking n sending' the message of support here.

The two minutes it takes will make a real difference in convincing the South Australian Government to protect these very special places for the future.

Thanks for your support for our oceans. Together we're making a big impact.

All the best,


David Mackenzie
Save Our Marine Life

PS - This opportunity has been almost 10 years in the making. Please click n send, and tell your friends too.

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