Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Political correctness in China - it all comes off for the motor shows

Local sensation, Gan Lulu, caused a near riot at the Beijing Auto Show

China, as anyone who has travelled there knows, is a land of beauty, extremes and contradictions.

Free speech, internet access and religious expression are all fraught with danger for the ordinary individual while the well-placed officials seem to do okay - until they are publicly outed at least.

Pornography in China may be officially banned and the racy content filtered by the so-called 'Great Firewall of China', but when it comes to international motor shows, the veil of political correctness is very obviously lifted.

Slender, nymph-like models in skimpy suits, starlets dressed as harlots, hotpants, string swimsuits, body-painted sirens, even (WTF!?) five-year-olds in bikinis putting on a totally baffling show (which you will not see on this site). Local scandal queen, Gan Lulu, appears to have stolen the limelight, particularly with her parade of outrageous costumes at the Beijing Motor Show.

Happy however, delighted even, to share with you this collection of imagery that is sadly now appears gone from western mainstream motor shows.

Our last almost-controversy was in 2006 when a body-painted model opened for Peugeot in Sydney. Heck, even the infamous Summernats Wet T-shirt competition has been run out of town!

But it seems even the Chinese Government (after close scrutiny of course) has issued a reprimand on the most recent Chengdu Show organisers, so maybe even the titillating anomaly of China may soon be a thing of the past.

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