Monday, July 1, 2013

Sharpen up your rain protection with a Blunt umbrella

To be blunt, the common umbrella needs an overhaul – Introducing Blunt Umbrellas

It is a well-known irony that on the days you need to use your umbrella the most – the wettest and windiest – it is virtually guaranteed the umbrella will break, blow inside out or poke someone in the eye. This need not be the case, with the introduction of Blunt Umbrellas, a New Zealand company that has revolutionised umbrella design.

Blunt Umbrellas will withstand the strongest winds, with the Classic model tested to 117km/hour. With its eye-catching canopy design and unique structure, the Blunt has redefined the market and created the world's best umbrella.

Designed by New Zealand engineer, Greig Brebner, Blunt Umbrellas feature patented blunt tips that form an integral part of its Radial Tensioning System. This system redirects and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout the entire canopy. As the Blunt is opened, its additional double struts redirect the effort into the floating 'ribs' which reach out like fingers stretching into a glove. They then transfer the opening force into the blunt tips on the end of each rib. These tips then open within their pockets, evenly distributing tension right to the edge of the umbrella.

The blunt tips also have the added advantage of eliminating all pointy bits, making them safe to use in busy crowds. In addition to the aesthetically pleasing and unique canopy design, the push/pull runner system is a delight to use - no more catching your fingers on the clasp used to hold the umbrella up.

"Umbrellas are an essential accessory for us all, yet you lose count of how many you see in the rubbish bin over the course of a rainy day, or how many people you see struggling to control them in wind," says Annaliesse Cawood, Distributor of Blunt Umbrellas in Australia.

"Blunt Umbrellas have been tried and tested against a myriad of other models in wind tunnels. Time and time again, they come out on top. When you walk down the street carrying your Blunt, you know you're going to arrive dry and that is a great comfort on a grey, wet day," says Annaliesse.

Blunt Umbrella's product range can be categorised into small, medium and large umbrellas. The smaller, more compact options are the Blunt Mini, Blunt Mini+ and Blunt XS_Metro. The medium range includes the Blunt Classic, Blunt Lite+ and Blunt Lite while the large range includes the Blunt XL, Blunt Golf_G1 and the Blunt Golf_G2. The product range caters for all users, offering light and compact models, more heavy duty options and ultimate performance models designed for the golf course.

The range includes a variety of features such as UV protection, a 3M reflective coating for added safety at night and the unique eDry™ with its quick dry capabilities. Each umbrella is available in a range of vibrant colours, from bright pink, yellow and blue to striking black, navy and grey.

Prices vary from RRP $69.00-$149.00 depending on model.

For more information, stockists and to purchase online visit   @bluntumbrellas
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