Saturday, October 26, 2013

Charlie le Mindi shocking fashion show

Hairstylist-cum-designer Charlie le Mindu has built his career on all that is shocking, outrageous and beautifully bizarre.

 Covered in tattoos (he has "love" written across his right knuckles, "cunt" across his left, a pigeon asking "Where's my kebab?" on his right hand and "Gypsi King" across his eyelids—partially because of his father's background, partially because of his "mixed feelings" about the '90s band) and cheeky demeanor, Le Mindu fits right in with East London's quirky creative and club kids.

But the hairdresser to Lady Gaga, Charlie Le Mindu is perhaps best known for his ‘Naked’ catwalk shows, like this one at London Fashion Show.

Why? You'd better ask him.

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