Friday, January 3, 2014

Cuba allowing new car imports

Cuba is set to allow new car imports this week, effectively ending a decades-old ban.The communist island's authorities announced late Wednesday that new rules were in place for the free import of new and used cars, after Cuba lifted the ban last month. Imported cars can be sold at market prices starting Friday, without need for special permission. ntil now, Cubans and foreigners living on the island needed special permission, and a booming black market had long developed for such authorizations, which the government often granted to its employees or to doctors. hortly after the 1959 revolution, Cuba largely banned the sale of cars. Since October 2011, private individuals are again allowed to buy and sell cars, which until then was only the case for cars built before 1959. Havana is popular among visitors for its streetscapes marked by old US models and Soviet-style cars.
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