Sunday, October 12, 2014

Everybody's Magazine - Australian pop culture

Who remembers the salacious ACP magazine "Everybody's"?

Published out of the venerable Park Street address from 1961-68, it featured lurid stories with sexual overtones and followed the antics of pop idols and celebrities like its competitors Pix, People and Australasian Post.

It occasionally dealt with harder issues like the Vietnam War and film censorship.

Some of the bylines include: Maggie Makeig, Jon Collins, Bob Staines, Camilla Beach (London),  Alan Hunter (Hollywood), Bill Wilson (New York), Lee Patterson, Jim Fagan, Jim Oram, Tom King, Margaret Greenberg ans 'sports authority' Ray Mitchell.

Photographers were Lee Pearce, Neville Waller and Barry Cullen.

We found this fabulous 1966 issue in a jumble sale and just wanted to share some of the items with you.


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