Thursday, January 28, 2016

Can you imagine booking a holiday here?

When Count Gustav von Grabenstein went on holidays to Southeast Asia, he wanted privacy, security, the comforts of Europe and somewhere to go fishing.

Gus Grabenstein, 15th Century visionary
He built this quaint weekender in 1436 on the little spot he found in a real estate scroll enticingly labelled “get away from it all on this remote private island.”

He neglected to read the bit, written in a fine nib, “a challenging project for someone with flair”

Not to be outdone, Gus set about constructing his dream fishing cottage complete with waterfront access and somewhere to tie up his dingy. He called it “Friedenplatz”

Now this delightful location can be your dream escape too.

Book this wonderful cottage on Luftkoje today.
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