Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cripes! $11 million for a secondhand Jaguar


IN his continuing search for the more weird and wondrous in this world, David Ellis says that a 64 year old C-Type Jaguar sports car that was once a racing favourite of British co-drivers Stirling Moss and Peter Walker, has sold at auction in Monte Carlo for a mind-blowing 7,245,000 Euros – which is around 11,270,000 in Aussie dollars.

Boasting of being in "wonderfully original condition" the sleek 2-seater had made its debut on England's Silverstone Racing Circuit in 1952, and had never been either restored or modified since ending its racing career just three years later. And during that short career it had set countless new records on such famous tracks as France's Le Mans, the Isle of Man, in Sicily and in Belgium, and was officially recognised as the most-raced of all C-Types on the British racing club circuit.

One of only fifty-three of the type built by Jaguar in the early 1950s, it was amongst some forty rare and historic vehicles that English auctioneers Bonhams sold just recently in Monte Carlo, and which fetched an almost breath-taking E15.3m in bids, or AU$24m.

The English family that sold the C-Type had owned it for 52 years, racing it for a short while after it's purchase, and later registering it for road use and participation in vintage car events, rallies and touring in the UK and Europe.

The new owners are keeping mum about the latest future for the historic C-type.



[] ONE-time racing favourite of famous English drivers Stirling Moss and Peter Walker, this 64 year old C-Type Jaguar sports car has just sold at auction in Monaco for the equivalent of AU$11,270,000. (Image: Bonhams Auction House)

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