Sunday, May 28, 2017

Murphy's Law: Shot with a .38 and lived



David Ellis

HOW'S this for putting faith in your product – New York businessman Mr W.H. Murphy, puts his life on the line to prove just how effective is the bullet-proof vest created by his Protective Garment Corporation.

It was in 1923, a time when bullet-proof vests used by American police and criminal gangs alike were simply thick layers of compacted cotton wool and cloth, with luck just able to absorb bullets from light gauge .22 handguns and rifles fired from a distance.

So when the crims began using heavier .38 revolvers and even machine guns in their fights with law enforcers, companies like Mr Murphy's came up with vests better able to protect police officers literally in the line of fire… and close-up.

The one being demonstrated here by Mr Murphy at the Washington City Police headquarters was made from over-lapping steel scales fitted to a leather lining, and as proven by the photo, able to deflect bigger gauge .38 bullets fired from as close as just 3m metres away.

The vest weighed 5kg (11lb,) and although the two .38 bullets had been fired directly at Mr Murphy's chest from such close range, he "had not batted an eyelid."

Unfortunately, however, few police forces appeared interested in the vests – mainly, it's believed, because of their weight – and the Protective Garment Corporation simply faded away… with Mr Murphy living to reminisce with whoever would listen as to how many times he'd lived through being fired at by colleagues and the police.


[] BULLET-PROOF vest maker Mr W.H. Murphy proves just how good is his product, by having a colleague fire two .38 bullets directly at him from just 3m away.

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