Sunday, June 25, 2017

Struth! Donald Trump grounds his private jet


David Ellis

JUST as many new recipients of a company car have to decide what to do with the old-faithful family vehicle – keep it, sell it or give it to the kids – on a far loftier level President Donald Trump had to decide what to do with a different old-faithful, and that was his personal Boeing 757 jet he calls "T-Bird."

Because as President he was given an even bigger Boeing to flit around in, a 747-200 known to the world as "Air Force One."

Donald Trump had declared on his election that his US$100m 757 "T-Bird" would transition to presidential jet, as it was, after all, worthy of the role with leather armchairs for 43 passengers, gold plated seatbelt buckles, his own master bedroom with gold plated ensuite shower and handbasin taps, a guest's bedroom, a surround-sound TV-cum-home-cinema with 145cm (near five feet) screen, and dining and boardroom areas.

But his new presidential minders declared a firm No, citing security reasons and telling him he had to use Air Force One. No argument.

And, anyway, AF1 came with a presidential bedroom suite, seating for 70 officials and guests, a conference/dining table, teleconferencing facilities capable of televising live to the world from 40,000 feet, a medical centre with operating theatre and full-time professional medical staff (and even a stock of his own-type blood,) an onboard security team, and both anti-missile and radar-jamming facilities.

So it's meant that whilst-ever he is President, the Trump-owned Boeing 757 stays at home, alongside his personal 12-seater Cessna Citation X business jet, and two Sikorsky S-76B helicopters.



[] DONALD TRUMP'S personal Boeing 757 jet comes complete with gold plated seat belt and bathroom fittings, two bedrooms and loads of personal comforts for its 43 guests and officials, and spread through a space in which commercial 757's carry up to 180 passengers.

[] A boardroom-cum-dining table and a lounge area with leather armchairs and a TV/home-cinema with surround-sound 145cm (near five feet) screen, are amongst the luxuries aboard Donald Trump's personal Boeing 757.

(Images: The Trump Organisation)

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